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I would greatly appreciate receiving any specimens of Donacaula spp. from anywhere in North America or elsewhere. In addition, I would also be interested in specimens of any of the species shown on my BugGuide user page as well as of the following gelechioid taxa, preferably associated with high quality live images:

Chrysopeleiinae, Melanocinclis, Anacampsis, Monochroa, Isophrictis, and certain Litini (broad-winged, gray colored species) and Gelechiini (cryptically colored species in Chionodes, Filatima, and Gelechia)

Collected moths may be frozen, for months if necessary, and should not be allowed to thaw until shipped; please contact me for details.

If I recently favorited an observation of yours, it’s probably because I plan to work on identifying it later. I often ask people to post to BugGuide their images of interesting microleps, particularly undescribed species and those I have not yet been able to identify. Only described species can be assigned taxa on iNaturalist, so undescribed and unidentified species get lost in the sea of images on this site. Adding such images to BugGuide makes them much easier for me to find and helps me to identify and more precisely characterize the species.

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