Brian R Mayes

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Diver and citizen scientist fascinated by the bright colours and patterns of underwater molluscs, such as sea slugs (Heterobranchia), true cowries (Cypraeidae), especially false cowries (Ovulidae) and the identification of the live species.

Are infestations of Cymo melanodactylus killing Acropora cytherea in the Chagos archipelago?

Favourite Ovulid reference books:-
Lorenz F. & Fehse D. (2009) The living Ovulidae - A manual of the families of allied cowries: Ovulidae, Pediculariidae and Eocypraeidae

Draper R. & Churchill S. (2014) The Invisibility Cloak - Ovulids & Octocorals of Melanesia and Australia and the magic mantle that links them.

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Ryanskiy A. (2020) Living Seashells of the Tropical Indo-Pacific

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