Conestee Nature Preserve

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Conestee Nature Preserve is a 640 acre state-designated Wildlife Sanctuary; a conservation space for wild things, a world apart. It is also an Important Bird Area of Global Significance, a regionally recognized Birding Hotspot, and the Upstate Partner with Audubon-South Carolina. In addition, the historic lake parcel, including the Lake Conestee Dam, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Nearly all of our preserve is protected under a conservation easement held by Upstate Forever.

Our emphasis is on protection of this exceptional wild and historic space, providing a diverse array of wildlife habitats, and utilizing these spaces for compatible nature education programming.

We invite you to come discover Conestee Nature Preserve for yourself, remembering that here, you are a guest in a vast habitat that belongs to deer, raccoon, beaver, fox, river otter, salamander, frogs, snakes, and many other species. It’s a place to go slow and be quiet. Those who do so never know what they might experience. Come discover a world apart!

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