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Hi! I focus on (Western Palearctic) birds but plants, moths, plant parasites and everything else nature related interests me a lot as well!
Feel free to ask for help if needed, and please tag me if you want me to definitely see your comment or observation, also feel free to ask if you want an explanation on an ID I gave.

When uploading sound clips, please record for long enough - it can help a lot to get some context or hear other calls from the same species.
Also, please indicate which exact sound you want identified if there's multiple species audible (time stamp and potentially a rough description is ideal!).

I mainly speak English and Dutch, but if you prefer to write in your own language please do, translating isn't an issue in these times :)
I prefer to use scientific taxon names as these are the most universal as you can get.

For some nature-related stories and the very occasional post or a chat:

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