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I am currently a research scientist (aka postdoc, for those familiar with the academic system), based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I study plant populations and am particularly interested in rare species and invasive species. Historically, my work has been primarily field-based, and has varied from populations of interest to community approaches. My current work is more in the realm of data science and will not involve as much fieldwork.

I have professional experience with the flora of the Southeastern US, Upper Midwestern US, and Hawaiʻi. I have also professionally worked with birds of the Upper Midwest. Additionally, although I wasn't paid to do it, I have botanical experience in Colorado (having previously lived there for many years), and bird experience throughout North America.

Here on iNat, I primarily try to keep track of the thistles and their relatives (Tribe Cardueae of the Asteraceae). I mostly keep track of the ones in North America, where I am more familiar with them, but I sometimes look outside of this continent. Feel free to tag me if you want me to look at an observation! I also ID too many observations to put notes as to why I am making a given ID, but if you have questions, tag me, and I'd be more than happy to explain!

Also, with thistles, their relatives, and Asteraceae as a whole, please try to get a good photo of the phyllaries (which you can do with a side-view of the flower head)! The phyllaries are often one of the best features for ID.

También yo hablo español, y si tiene usted preguntas sobre una observación (¡especialmente una observación de un cardo!) y prefiere usar el español, estará bien.

My profile photo is a flower head of Pitcher's Thistle (Cirsium pitcheri), which is just the best thistle species! I might be a bit biased on that front though, as I did my masters on that species. The insects are showing that this is a great floral resource for the local insect community!

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