Elliott Gordon

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I am a Civil Engineer in New Mexico (NM) and all-around nature lover. As I am not an expert, please apply your own judgement before agreeing with my IDs.

I obscure certain observations in Colorado, NM, and Texas for privacy. It's safe to assume that obscured observations in each state refer to the same property, unless it's an endangered species.

Hablo español, pero necesito traducir muchas palabras científicas.

I mostly identify observations in NM and surrounding states. For Penstemon, please visit my journals (many incomplete, sorry). I like to help with insect identification, especially:

and native plants of the four corners region, such as:

  • Acer and Chamaesaracha
  • Mirabilis and Phacelia
  • Rosaceae: Amelanchier, Cercocarpus, and Fallugia

Neighborhood ambassador with Friends of Valle de Oro to promote gardening for wildlife in central NM. I use iNat to track garden visitors and inhabitants (1,300 species and counting).

Contributor at https://pollinatorweb.com, a resource for gardeners in Arizona and NM. Sunflowers are one of our favorites. Articles and posts featuring my garden:

Other organizations I volunteer with are Xerces Society, UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology, NM Butterfly Monitoring Network and as an editor on bugguide.net. I am a member of the Native Plant Society of NM, Cactus and Succulent Society of NM, and American Penstemon Society.

Instagram: @desert_pollinators
Reddit: u/Pollinator-Web
North American Bee Parasites: spreadsheet
Since I always forget where to find it: Frequently Used Responses and Year in Review

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