Ethan Gosnell

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I am a young naturalist from southern Ontario, Canada. I am almost entirely a birder, but I'm trying to change that! I had initially been interested in reptiles (mainly snakes), but I got hooked on birds, and got pulled away from all the other forms of nature. I have gotten more into odes and leps, as well as herps with a general interest for everything else, and I'm trying to learn my way through them! I have travelled quite a bit, and have managed to archive most of my old photos from my trips, although I'm sure there's a ton lying around somewhere!

I use eBird for my birding, and I don't upload them to here, to make it easier for me to keep my lists separate, and there's way too many sightings than I have time for!

I'm happy to help with any ID I can do (almost entirely birds at this point), but I'll try my best, and I love any input that anyone might have on my own observations!

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