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Msc Marine Scientist- Marine Biologist
Underwater Photography
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The sea has been part of my life since I can remember. Since the beginning of my high school years I knew that I wanted to work on and explore marine ecosystems. Even though I had not learned a lot about the oceans in terms of science, I always loved to read about them and was already familiar with the environment due to my exprience in sailing. When I extended my knowledge of the marine world and became a Marine Scientist at Heriot Watt University I realized that there is nothing as magical and majestic as the ocean and the wonders that lay underneath the surface as I am sure can amaze everyone. During my field-trips and research I had the chance to visit some places around the world and capture some moments that are trully spectacular for me.

Throughout my reseasrch trips I saw that the oceans are severly damaged by several human practices such as pollution, overfishing, dregding, coastal development etc. What I realized is that the time to maintain the healthy status of such a prestine, delicate and sensitive environment is not enough and technological advancements need to help save the marine environment.

Nowadays I am working on finding more advanced ways of monitoring the marine ecosystems and especially the coral reefs which have been significantly impacted by the human activity all over the world.

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