Ed Alverson

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I’m a field botanist and stewardship ecologist with over 4 decades of experience exploring the prairies, forests, and mountains of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Currently I work as Natural Areas Coordinator for Lane County Parks (Oregon).

My interests include floristics and biogegraphy, ecological history, botanical exploration, fire ecology, plant propagation, ecological restoration, and endangered species recovery. I am a long time member of the Natural Areas Association, California Botanical Society, American Fern Society, North American Rock Garden Society, Washington Native Plant Society, and the Native Plant Society of Oregon. I frequently give presentations to botanical and natural history societies and some of my recent talks have been posted online. I’ve appeared as an on-camera expert in the video "Oregon's Oak - A Vanishing Legacy", and in the documentary "Finding David Douglas", which are available on YouTube.

Particular plant groups that I have focused on are western North American ferns and the genus Erythronium. I have contributed taxonomic treatments to Flora of the Pacific Northwest 2nd ed., The Jepson Manual, Flora of North America, and Flora of China. My ResearchGate page can be found at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Edward-Alverson.

I am admin for a number of iNaturalist projects including:
Flora of the Pacific Northwest for iNaturalist
Local and Regional Endemic Vascular Plants of the Pacific Northwest
Ferns and Lycophytes of the Pacific Northwest (North America)
Holiday Farm Fire - Flora and Fauna Response
Paleoendemic Woody Plants of Western North America

I am happy to respond to inquiries about my ID’s, especially if there is something I need to correct or revise!

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