Fish and Benthos survey Chinko

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Under this account @thierryachinkoproject and @mathiasdhaen will be uploading the results of the fish and benthos survey conducted by Teleos ( in March 2021.

Fish and benthos were researched in order to develop baseline data regarding fish biomass and biodiversity between different sites throughout the Chinko Conservation Area. This will allow us to assess fishing impact and work with communities for more sustainable catching methods.

During the research more than 200 samples were taken from three sites. Fish were caught using vertical benthic nets of different mesh sizes (10 mm – 60 mm) and a Halltech Backpack electrofisher.

Chinko harbors one of the largest, most pristine, and best protected aquatic freshwater system in Africa - more than 500 km of permanent major tropical lowland river without any human disturbance or any settlement or mine upstream. Additional river survey work will be done in 2022, as this fisheries study will provide a baseline and more is programmed over the next three years.

This research is supported by USAID - CBCWT programme.

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