Silvia Figueroa

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I am a founding member of the Enrique Figueroa Lemus Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works in the town of Metapan, Santa Ana, El Salvador. We started our philanthropic work in 2004, and dedicate our efforts to education and environment.
Our environmental work includes the protection of species in danger of extinction, preservation of biodiversity by protection and preservation of undisturbed habitat, natural regeneration of cloud forest in the Montecristo mountain, protection of Pine/Oak forest, and protection of Tropical Dry Forest at lower elevations.
A few years ago, we found two grasshoppers that were new to science in our protected areas. One of them, Lempira Metapanensis, has been documented, and the other has not yet. This year, we started a new program to photographically document all life forms in our protected areas. We hope to enrich our underestanding of biodiversity, and better preserve the species we have left. We also started to publish and organize the material for future research, and to better manage the areas we protect.

Your help in identifying the species we post in Inaturalist is much appreciated and of great help to our programs.
Thank you so very much.

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