Gabriele La Grasta

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Naturalist, graduated in Natural Science (bachelor degree) and Biogeosciences (master degree).
Now I work at Regione Lombardia in the agriculture sector.

I'm particularly interested in animals but I have been getting passionated also with plants in the last few years. I created the project "Brescia Biodiversity" to group all the observations in the province of Brescia. I'm the iNat observer with the most Verifiable and Research Grade species in the province of Brescia

During 2021 I've tried my best to document the diversity of animals, plants and fungi of the "Riserva Naturale Torbiere del Sebino". You can see all my observations in that place at this link:
Other places that i explore frequently to make new observations are the Mella river and the S. Anna wood, both near my home in Brescia.

I also try to help to identify the observations of the most easily recognizable species of Lombardy, and of the most common butterflies of Italy.
I mostly photograph birds, insects and plants, mainly with my Panasonic Lumix FZ-82.

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