Grigory Evtukh

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Орнитолог и бёрдвотчинг-гид. Организую бёрдвотчинг-туры по бывшему СССР и миру.
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I am a biologist and particularly an ornithologist. Now I am a PhD student in Moscow State University.

The other job I do is guiding bird tours around the world. Particularly in Russia (Europe, Siberia, Far East), Caucasus region and Central Asia.

I like to observe nature and especially birds. Also mammals, reptiles and amphibians are my interests apart from birds :) Cool flowers, insects etc. I like too!

I use INaturalist mostly for my non-bird observations. All birds I encounter go to eBird. Because the checklist format suits bird observations the most. Check out my account there:

Check out project with encounters from all trips with me:

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