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Hello. I am a seeker. I started photographing my beloved Lake Palestine in 2011. Just standing at the shore in the backyard soon grew tiresome so I eventually began trekking about searching for places to shoot the waves. I found myself leaving the air conditioning more and more often, seeking out more and more hidden spots. Soon I was wading out into the water to capture the colors. It was on one of these expeditions in 2016 I took my first insect photo. It was a Paper Wasp with something in its mouth. I took my pic and thought nothing of it until I later saw the details. It was the eyes that snatched my soul. I later found out it had a “caterpillar meatball”.. Soon after I found my first Green Lynx. Then I found myself venturing out into wild overgrown prairies of Noonday, Texas . I photographed and documented Green Lynx spiders in all stages of life from then on. Soon I found the call of the mountains to be so strong I decided to leave my beloved lake and Noonday fields. I spent a year exploring Southwest Virginia then landed here in Tennessee. The obsession continues and I hope it never ends. I began taking photos with a iPhone 6s Plus and I use the 11 pro max now. I found the 12 and 13 to be terrible for what I personally do.

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