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18 years old ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

I'm particularly interested in arthropods, reptiles, California intertidal life, desert/chaparral ecosystems, and xerophytic plants. Learning macro photography to improve my documentation. I mostly post photos, but do occasionally upload audio, video, and field illustration observations. Suggestions on how to improve my photography are welcome and appreciated (✿◠‿◠) always looking for new ways to push my equipment.

Personal favorite observations of mine: finds/shots I'm most excited about, rare or unusual organisms and interactions, etc. I added this in order to have a collection of interesting obs/photos within iNat as opposed to creating a separate photo blog.

Underwater observations, including underwater photography as well as photos of marine and aquatic subjects taken from above water. (tagging in progress)

fossils (casual grade)

Bluebelly macro shots (ongoing project)

infrared photography

Equipment: here

First on iNat!
Pteropurpura vokesae
Delectopecten peckhami [extinct]
Lomachaeta cirrhomeris
iNat Observation of the Day:
Mating brown widows
Snailblitz 2023:
Helminthoglypta traskii

I'm on The Fossil Forum here

all posts are CC BY-NC licensed. Thank you to everyone who IDs my posts and corrects my IDs

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