Isaac Lord

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I'm a wildlife biologist living my dream studying Burmese pythons in South Florida! For the last two years I've been living primarily in the Keys learning about the feeding behaviors of these invasive reptiles. Despite them being one of the most widely known invasive species, we know very little about their life history. I am now a graduate student at the University of Arkansas where I am continuing my research!

Prior to that, I've worked all over the country on various projects. This has provided me the opportunity to see a great number of wildlife species that few people would ever see. I'm particularly fond of my time spent in my home state of Texas where I was able to document karst-dwelling invertebrates. I have a fondness for seeking out the less-traditionally charismatic species of places I visit, such as weird soil inverts, snails, and obscure protected fauna.

I like to use iNaturalist as a way to catalog and categorize my observations and I love having a searchable index of most of everything I've seen as a biologist. This site has pushed me to become a better photographer and a more diligent observer of nature and I will always be grateful for the service it provides.

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