Jeff Morris

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Jeff W Morris PhD (Natal)

After school I completed a BSc, majoring in Botany and Zoology at Natal University, Pietermaritzburg and followed that with Honours in Botany and a Masters in Plant Ecology.

My work experience started with an appointment at the Botanical Research Institute in Pretoria as quantitative ecologist. I completed my PhD on the vegetation of the Lichtenburg area, Western Transvaal. From the science period of my life, I have some 50 scientific publications and have an entry in Botanical Exploration of Southern Africa by Gunn and Codd for my botanical work.

After some years as an ecologist, I moved into the corporate world of IT and eventually ran my own software house, leaving nature behind.

Since retiring, I have started writing visitor guides for game reserves of North West Province. Botsalano and Mafikeng are completed and I am working on Molopo at present.

Botsalano woody plants


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