Jen Schlauch

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B.S Biology (Eco Evo Behavior) graduate from UT Austin, entomologist, botanist, and birder. Research: gut microbiome of paper wasps (Polistes exclamans), Texas Pompilids (ID and imaging specimens), desert bee diversity and floral interactions (at Sevilleta NWR (Chihuahuan)), Joshua Tree National Park (Mojave)), ant parasitism and diversity (at the wonderful Brackenridge Field Laboratory in Austin, and in SE AZ (Sonoran)). Botany: UC Riverside Diez ecology lab (Mojave annual plants and shrub facilitation). Currently: graphic illustrator and outreach communicator for the Smithsonian Environ Research Center.


Trying to gain a better understanding of what I don't know before going to grad school :) interested in symbioses (parasitism!), conservation, illustration, and community science/ sci comm.

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