Joe Matanzas

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I am a member of the Southern Mycological Association since 2013. The club is in Boise, was founded in 1976 and has hosted two NAMA forays. We also regularly organize two Forays per year, Spring and Fall, in McCall, Idaho. A few years ago, Robert Chehey, long time member and past SIMA President, graciously provided me with a copy of all of SIMA's collection records and notes, which I have now combined with my own records on my database.
Most of my posting here in iNaturalist are my own, but a few could be collections from a Foray, or from a friend.
I have been interested in and curious about mushrooms since I was a child growing up in the Basque country, where, traditionally, mushrooms are viewed with a mystical mix of devotion and terror. Now that I am retired (I was involved in manufacturing in Meridian, Idaho for many years) I spent quite a lot of time studying the taxonomy of fungi, an activity in which I find enjoyment and purpose. I use microscopy often, and recently we began DNA sequencing some of them.

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