Jordan Collins

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Hi there! My name is Jordan, I’m a queer plant geek who studied field biology at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. I’m currently a Field Botanist for the Rare Plant Program at the California Native Plant Society.

I’m working on a project documenting the flora of the Santa Clara River Watershed, or Utom as the Chumash have lovingly called it. Utom is comprised of most of the Western Transverse Ranges and is one of Southern California’s last true wild spaces. It’s a beautiful landscape and I’m constantly in awe when I’m out surveying the area! My area of focus has been predominantly the Liebre Mountain Ranges in LA County. I travel all around California though, so you’ll probably see my observations sprinkled around everywhere.

Over the next two years, I'll also be conducting bryophyte surveys in the watershed in an attempt to capture some of the undocumented bryophyte diversity there.

I do make vouchers of a lot of my observations. All vouchers I collect are made with a permit from the U.S. Forest Service and are being/will be housed at the Robert F. Hoover Herbarium in San Luis Obispo. Most of the time I'll throw a quick tentative ID on an observation and come back later to further assess it. If I've made a collection of one of my observations, I'll take some time to key and study the physical specimen to give the observation a more specific identification. Any help with ID is always greatly appreciated and I love nerding out with fellow plant lovers!

There's always volunteer opportunities through CNPS! Feel free to message me and say hi, I can provide some connections and opportunities that may interest you.

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