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I've been tramping about the woods and wetlands all my life, full of curiosity. It's a bit of a meditative practice for me to open all my senses, slow down and notice. I'm semi-retired and have a fairly decent iPhone 13 Pro, which makes taking pictures (too) easy, most of the time.

I regularly visit the same areas for years, and over time, get to know the habitats very well. For the past few years, I'm a regular on the trails around and through the hills of Lincoln Woods State Park. My weedy garden at home in Providence is another observation post.

My interest is in learning about habitats and ecosystems, so I look at every thing visible to the naked eye, and try to get to know it. I try different times of day, and observe throughout the year. So much to learn.

I like to write about my experiences in the woods. Here's a sample: "Sneaking Up on Frogs" -- https://providenceferal.wordpress.com/2023/09/29/sneaking-up-on-frogs/

Stuff for me to find and use later:

Penn State Deer-Forest Study https://www.deer.psu.edu/category/the-deer-forest-blog/

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