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I'm naturalist and birder, born in Constantine in 1967. I had gratuated from Odessa State Academy of Food Technology with PhD degree in specialty "Technology of production of mixed fodders". Now I'm living and working in Ukraine and sometimes in Algeria. I'm one of the founders and an active member of the environmental association EcoCirta ex. AquaCirta in Constantine/Algeria for the protection of birds and the environment. I like birds and bird vocalisations as well as the natural world in general. The bird guiding is our specialty in Algeria. You are welcome in anytime.
My notes and articles which are published:

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After the National Days of Algerian Birdwatchers JNOAA (Journées Nationales des Ornithologues Amateurs Algériens) organized by the AquaCirta Environmental Association (now is: EcoCirta) on 18-19-20 May 2017 in Constantine, an differents resolutions have been put in place. And among them, they noted that it is necessary to archive the observations of everyone in the same database (eBird and iNaturalist are the best solutions) and publish the observations of the amateurs in the form of articles and notes of a scientific nature. Citizen science has allowed to strengthen the strengths a power to achieve more effective results. This project is part of the program of the EcoCirta before. AquaCirta that has been traced for a few years. We hope there will be more participants to complete this work, which consists of a census of all present birds (sedentary, nesting, migratory, accidental and captured) and updating a new list of birds of Algeria. .
All this work inspires us to work much more and be the best despite the maliciousness of the ingrates and the saboteurs who surround us.

email: karim241267@yahoo.fr
Cell. phone, Viber and WhatsApp : +213 657 016 272

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