Katama Rose Murray

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Hi there! My name is Katama and I am an artist, educator, and naturalist from Blue Hill, ME, a small town on the coast of Downeast Maine. I've grown up in New England (Maine and Cape Cod, MA). I received my BFA in Printmaking from Plymouth State University in NH, and MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University Bloomington. While my main focus is Printmaking, I also work with media such as textiles, photography, and installation. The ecosystems and plant species of New England influence my creative work and personal life greatly. Investigating ways of employing natural materials and experimenting with several printmaking and fiber processes has greatly contributed to my own awareness of how scientific and artistic practices overlap. These explorations have provided a deeper understanding of how to mindfully collaborate with the natural world in exciting and interesting ways. With sustainable foraging and correct plant identification in mind, these processes provide the opportunity to constantly learn about the potential of natural colors that exist all around us in the form of plants. Feel free to reach out with any questions if you'd like to learn more about those processes and ways of utilizing natural color! By learning and sharing my own discoveries, both artistically and scientifically, I hope to inspire others to slow down and appreciate our sacred earth.

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