Loïs Rancilhac

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I'm a (mostly) self-trained (wannabe) generalist naturalist. My initial focus was on birds, but I extended it to herps, butterflies, dragonflies, orthoptera, fishes. More recently, I've been trying to extend my scope and identify everything I take photos of. On iNaturalist, I post observations of things for which I need an ID, and I identify mostly orthoptera from the Western Palearctic, and a couple of other things. Don't hesitate to tag me if you think I can help you with an ID.

Important: please do not agree with my IDs without strong reasons, as I sometimes make mistakes.

Besides naturalist stuff, I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the university of Uppsala (Sweden), currently working on deciphering the evolutionary history and origin of phenotypic diversity in the bird genus Motacilla (wagtails). I am (or have been) also working on various projects involving amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

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