Louis Aureglia

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I'm Louis Aureglia, a 24-year-old naturalist who is passionate about drawing and taxonomy. When I'm in nature, I can't stop capturing the beautiful plants and arthropods around me.

Right now, I'm a PhD student, and I'm spending time between Marseille (LPED) and Strasbourg (LIVE), which is pretty cool. My research focuses on taxonomy, with a special mission in mind – to comprehensively reevaluate the genus Ravenea. This unique palm genus is native to Madagascar and, for some of its species, shrouded in mystery.

Here are all the specimens that I have gathered :


All specimens are in the university collection at Marseille (Aix-Marseille University) in Saint-Charles. If you need any samples, please feel free to inquire. I would happily loan you some specimens temporarily, but I cannot give them away.

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