maricel patino

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Amateur mycologist. Crazy about fungi.While I eat breakfast, I read a book about fungi. While I eat lunch, I read a book about fungi. In the night, after dinner, I do microscopic work, and during the weekends, I go to the woods to collect fungi. To survive I teach preschoolers. I already introduced them to fungi. I still don't have a preference for a particular fungi, so I study what is in season. I have my particular project for the Burlington County Park System in NJ. I am preparing the list and putting together the photos.

By now, I am focusing mainly on crust fungi. I go to the woods every weekend to turn the logs, and come back home with more crusts than I could possible work on ; I take it as a practice to become familiar with the variety and to learn the microscopic features of the diverse species. i still have to present a project to BCPS in NJ but by now I can include crust fungi found wherever I go.I love it!

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