Max Engel

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I've been fascinated with nature for a while - I attribute a large portion of it to the Pokemon videogame series, which I still play today among many other videogames. I found it really neat how some Pokemon were based on obscure organisms, like how in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, there was the Pokemon Anorith, based on the extinct Cambrian-era marine predator Anomalocaris. I also was fascinated with how nature was an inspiration for the arts, like how the alien's life cycle in Ridley Scott's Alien was likely inspired by those of ichneumon wasps. More recently, I have obtained a Bachelor degree in Biology Sciences with a minor in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) from the University of Connecticut! I had a lot of fun in my entomology classes, too, and I currently am working as a seasonal mosquito survey technician at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station!

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