Mike Farley

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I am a Williamson, Co. Good Water Master Naturalist from the fall 2014 class. I enjoy insects mostly, including Odonata and Moths. I enjoy camera trapping and have a project observing mammals, ultimately looking for species of greatest conservation need. That is keeping me very busy these days.

Photography has always been of great interest to me and iNaturalist is a great place to share it. Always trying to think up new ways I can observe a habitat. I've been trying to build a DSLR camera trap for some time. Always setbacks, money, time, and full time work. Someday...

I have taken up an intense interest in acoustic sound recording of wildlife including bats.

Fall 2018 completed Master Volunteer Entomology Specialist Training in College Station, Tx.

Really enjoy yearly iNaturalist field trips! Meeting other iNaturalists has been very rewarding.

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