Allison Monroe

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I am a PhD student in Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) lab within the Forest, Ecosystems, and Society department at Oregon State University's College of Forestry. I am originally from Arkansas and have traveled all over the world working and studying community-based insect conservation. I am passionate about all things human and non-human, but most of my time is spent staring at insects, birds, and plants.

I am proficient/advanced in plant ID and ethnobotany in Oregon, Montana, and Arkansas. I was a Master Naturalist in both Montana and Arkansas. My training was originally in parasitic wasps (Chalcididae especially), but I now work on insect biodiversity more broadly. My dissertation examines understory pollinator diversity post-ceremonial and wild fire in Western Oregon, as well as non-lethal insect sampling methods (insect camera traps and eDNA).

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