Miguel Ordeñana

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I am a field biologist and citizen science coordinator at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM). My role as a field biologist involves mapping and studying local urban wildlife species of Los Angeles. My other role as a citizen science coordinator involves creating and promoting scientific studies that rely on the participation of volunteers. iNaturalist will be an integral tool for connecting local Angelenos with L.A. nature by first proving that nature is everywhere and then convincing visitors that there is much more nature left to explore throughout the L.A. area via citizen science.

In addition to my work at NHM, I use bat detectors to study urban bat species of Griffith Park and camera traps to study urban carnivores of Griffith Park, where I grew up. I also co-lead a jaguar camera trap study in southwestern Nicaragua, where my family is from. Besides constantly exploring local nature of Los Angeles, I am very focused on improving as an educator so that I may inspire a more diverse next generation of scientists.

Useful links:
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County: http://www.nhm.org/site/
NHM Nature Gardens: http://www.nhm.org/site/explore-exhibits/nature-gardens
NHM Nature in L.A. blog: http://www.nhm.org/nature/blog/
Urban Carnivores website: http://www.urbancarnivores.com/
Miguel's Urban Carnivore blog: http://www.urbancarnivores.com/miguels-blog/

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