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This is an old picture, but I won't tell you how old! How do you like those huckleberries - growing native in SF?! I work for the City of San Francisco's Environment Department. I started out with the National Park Service at the Presidio/GGNRA and then founded Nature in the City. A significant percentage of my current work plan is in the role of restoration ecologist for Yerba Buena Island, working closely with the Treasure Island Development Authority to implement the island's Habitat Management Plan. All the rest of my work is to promote local nature and biodiversity in the city-at-large including local native plant landscaping in every nook and cranny and interstice in the built environment.

Note, when taking plant photos, please try to take one quality shot with leaves/flowers, and also one of quality of the entire plant, so one can get the gestalt. Thanks!

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