Moses Michelsohn

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I travel about looking for things.

As of 3/16/24 I have seen 2 Lampreys, 11 Cartilaginous Fish, 367 Ray-finned Fish, 347 Amphibians, 395 Reptiles, 1,947 Birds, and 287 Mammals (3,356 Chordates) in their native ranges.
Latest lifers: Entosphenus tridentatus (Pacific Lamprey), Urobatis jamaicensis (Yellow Stingray), Arothron meleagris (Guineafowl Puffer), Tlalocohyla smithii (Dwarf Mexican Treefrog), Kinosternon chimalhuaca (Jalisco Mud Turtle), Ortalis wagleri (Rufous-bellied Chachalaca), Sciurus colliaei (Collie's Squirrel).

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