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I moved to the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina from East Texas. I have always loved fishing, nature, animals, and plants. But my love for all heavily increased when I moved to NC at age 20 (almost 31 now) After that, I went to college and got an Associates degree in Horticulture Technology. More recently than that, I discovered Microfishing, Snorkeling/Snorkel-Fishing, and LifeLists! I always grew up fishing in Texas for a few gamefish species. Then moved to NC and started fishing for a few more gamefish species and some really cool natives I did not ever know or hear of. But once I finally heard of Microfishing, LifeListing and so on, I also learned how many species of fish are really out there! Microfish, Snorkeling or just Wading to Microfish, and the idea/concept of the LifeList absolutely and indefinitely transformed and changed the world of Fish and Fishing to me and also opened up some new opportunities and gave me some other new hobbies!!! Also, not JUST a LifeList for Fish species caught… but one for each of an animal observed by me… a list of Reptiles, Birds, Insects, Amphibians, and so on! The combinations of different fishing I do is definitely my favorite hobby. But I also love regular River Snorkeling, Camping, Cycling, Hiking, Nature/Wildlife Photography (above and below the surface) Walking around looking for cool critters and plants to observe, Learning, Being outdoors, and helping with conservation in the ways I can! Nature and not polluting/littering the Earth are very important to me. I’m not the best at any hobby but I like them all enough to enjoy them! I’m constantly learning which I also love. I know I’m going to enjoy iNat.

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