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I’ve always loved the outdoors, although my training and career were in computers. I’m active in the sport of tracking with my dog, which lets me spend a lot of time training outdoors. My first instructor loved wildflowers and it was infectious. Over the years I enjoyed the flowers and the more I noticed about flowers the more flowers I noticed.

Since I trained in many of the same locations over the years, I began to notice which plants were in what places and when they bloomed. This led me to try to identify the plants I saw, so I began carrying flower books into the fields. Later a digital camera let me take my pictures home to my shelf full of wildflower books. I have regularly trained (or hiked) in many of the same locations for well over ten years, and have kept a pretty good amateur record of which wildflowers bloom where since at least 2004.

While my focus has been on blooming wildflowers, iNaturalist has led me to expand into identifying other living things in addition to helping me with my flower identification skills.

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