Sam Darmstadt

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Graduated Brandeis University with a B.S. in Chemistry in May 2022.
Currently working for Hawkwatch International as crew leader for the spring count at Gunsight Mountain, Alaska.
Recent work :
-Fall Migration Research Assistant on Southeast Farallon Island, California with Point Blue Conservation Science
-Seabird Research Field Assistant on Middleton Island, Alaska
-Seabird Research Intern at the Alaska SeaLife Center
-Bird Bander at Hilliardton Marsh Research and Education Center in Ontario
-American Goshawk survey technician in Stanislaus National Forest with the Institute for Bird Populations.
I occasionally volunteer at NBNC with banding the MAPS station and the NSWO banding operation.
I'm an avid hiker and backpacker - my trail name is Alpaca.
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