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I started my interest in insects mostly when my family planted a butterfly bush when I was just a tot (like 2 years old). Maybe it was even earlier, but I don't remember. Between 5 and 14 I was not as interested, but would definitely pay attention to the grasshoppers and butterflies that were around my house. Well, when I stepped into Natural History on the first day of school, it was almost as if the (only somewhat) dormant monster inside of me had woke up.

I have a collection of insect specimens, which I started because, in the same Nat. Hist. class, that was the assignment for the whole 1st quarter. 10 specimens, 25 journal entries. I had 36 specimens and 25 journal entries at the end (wasn't so keen on the writing part). I now have 10 boxes, containing most orders. I think they are ~200 specimens, but maybe fewer. Definitely around there.

I like to take nature photos in my free time. I am borrowing my grandma's Nikon HDSLR 3200, while I save up for my own, a Nikon DSLR 5000. Other than live photos, I use a Plugable Digital Microscope (has camera inside the scope) to take close-ups for ID.

Currently, my favorite taxa to study are the Meloids (Blister Beetles), and ants. I tend to like Tenbrionoidea (blister beetles, darkling beetles, etc) a lot.

I am also a (less avid) bird watcher, amateur herpetologist, and botanist. I like to study the symbiotic relationships between certain insects and plants, such as the intriguing relationship between the yucca moth and the yucca. I like to look at the plants I have in my back yard, and observe (and collect) what insects are associated with which plants. For example, I have Asiatic Dayflower in my backyard. I also have two beetles that are associated with that plant, the Six Spotted Neolema, and Oulema melanoplus. I live in a city (North Church Hill, Richmond, VA), so it is interesting to see which bugs and plants thrive in the urban environment in which I live.

In contrast, I attend a school that is surrounded by forests, hiking trails, and open fields. like to keep track of the plants there, and collect the bugs I find on those plants. I create projects frequently, so I have a lot of them.

I have an account on Bugguide as well, at Please feel free to message me with any questions, comments, or concerns. If you think I have got an ID wrong, do not hesitate to tell me. If there is an observation you want me to see, please tag it.

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