R. I. Slaton

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"Be careful what you step on!"

• amateur botanist
• 21 y/o, born and raised in the Ridge & Valley of Alabama
• Currently living in the Weisner Ridges district
• Possibly ADHD and autistic

• I'm a generalist, mostly interested in native vascular plants and native ecosystems
• Also passionate about foraging, growing, and learning from local plants
• I love meeting new people who are passionate about plants like me
• Kill your lawn!

(my profile picture is a meme of Monika from DDLC. I'm not sure who the original artist is)

If you have noticed that my observation count has suddenly dropped in 2024, this is because I have been deleting or merging many redundant or especially bad observations. I.e. multiple observations of the same species in the same place often made on the same day, or observations with especially low-quality photos that many times cannot even be identified to a generic level.

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