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... will be without internet connection for the near future. So if I don't respond to a tag, please re-tag me as soon as I'm back.

Dipl. Biol. (botanics, ecology). Not actually a trained marine biologist, I just like it a lot. I declared myself a zoologist when I was a little boy, as soon as I could put on a snorkeling mask or spot snakes in the garden.


My heart is on the underwater life of the Croatian island Krk (Kvarner), with the occasional botanical beach excursion. In the last ten years I identified (and occasionally also misidentified) roughly 400 marine/halophytic species around the island. For this project I entered iNat, so for now I only upload Krk pics.

My uploads of in-vitro shells and carapaces were all dead finds around the shoreline of Krk, no living specimen were collected.
For my in-vitro finds from 2012-2020 I use fixed dates and location: 1.7.2014 respectively 2018 lies in between the time those shells were collected, and the fixed location (in the area of Krk town) is best suited to draw a big circle around the whole island of Krk. Holydays. I was lazy. Didn't document my shells then.

Thank you for your IDs and comments.

IDENTIFICATIONS: -> Identification Etiquette on iNaturalist

MEDITERRANEIS and EUROPEAN SEAS - books, monographs & keys that I use and recommend for identification :

Alf, Brenzinger, Haszprunar, Schrödl, Schwabe: A Guide to Marine Molluscs of Europe (2020)
Antolic, Zuljevic, Vukovic: Check list of bethic marine macroalgae on the eastern Adriatic coast (2001)
Baldacconi, Trainito: Spugne del Mediterraneo (2013)
Bay-Nouaihat, Bay-Nouaihat: Guide des Tuniciers de l'Europe de l'Ouest (2020)
Beck: Europäische Kreiselschnecken (1995)
Bowen, Goodwin, Kipling, Picton: Sea Squirts and Sponges of Britain and Ireland (2018)
Brunetti, Mastrototaro: Fauna d'Italia - Ascidiacea of the European waters (2017)
Cabioc'h, Floc'h, Toquin, Boudouresque, Meinesz, Verlaque: Guide des Algues des Mers d'Europe (1992)
Falciai, Minervini: Guida dei Crostacei Decapodi d'Europe (1992)
Gil: The Europaean fauna of Annelida Polychaeta (2011)
Grube, Bon: Actinien, Echinodermen und Würmer des Adriatischen- und Mittelmeers: Nach Eigenen Sammlungen (1840)
Hayward, McKinney: Northern Adriatic Bryozoa from the vicinity of Rovinj, Croatia (2002)
Heller: Die Bryozoen des Adriatischen Meeres (1867)
Heller: Untersuchungen Über Die Tunicaten Des Adriatischen Meeres (1878)
Igić: Cirripedia of Adriatic (2007)
Kobelt: Faunae Molluscorum Testaceorum maria europaea inhabitantium. (1887)
Kovačić, Renoult, Pillon, Svendsen, Bogorodsky, Engin, Louisy: Identification of Mediterranean marine gobies (...) of the continental shelf from Photographs of in situ individuals (2022)
Le Granché, André, Rochefort: Spongiaires de France (2018)
Louisy: Europe and Mediterranean Marine Fish (ital.: 2020, eng.: 2015, ger.: 2002)
Ludwig: Die Seesterne des Mittelmeeres (1897)
Müller: Reconnaître les principaux bivalves fouisseurs ou foreurs au moyen de leurs siphons (2016)
Neumann, Paulus: Mittelmeer-Atlas - Fische und ihre Lebensräume (2005)
Noel: Cle preliminaire d'identification des Crustacea Decapods de France er des principales autres espèces d'Europe (1992)
Pansini, Manconi, Pronzato: Fauna d'Italia - Porifera I (2011)
Pesta: Die Decapodenfauna der Adria (1918)
Pesta: Die Decapodenkrebse der Adria in Bestimmungstabellen zusammengestellt (1912)
Pillon: Astropecten of the Mediterranean Sea (2020)
Poppe, Goto: European Seashells Vol. II (1993)
Renoult, Pillon, Kovačić, Louisy: Gobies of the North-eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean: Gobius and Thorogobius (2022)
Riedl: Fauna und Flora der Adria (1970)
Rodríguez-Prieto, Ballesteros, Boisset, Afonso-Carillo: Alghe e Fanerogame del Mediterraneo (2015)
Schmidt: Die Spongien des Adriatischen Meeres (1862)
Tiralongo: Blennies of the Mediterranean Sea (2020)
Tortonese: Fauna d'Italia - Echinodermata (1963)
Trainito, Baldacconi: Atlante di Flora e Fauna del Mediterraneo (6th ed. 2021)
Trainito, Baldacconi: Coralli del Mediterraneo (2016)
Wirtz, Debelius: Niedere Tiere Mittelmeer/ Atlantik (2003)
There is an ever increasing number of different publications that I use. If it is of relevance I will link a paper to an observation/ ID.
I am too lazy to type them all down.

BOTANIK DEUTSCHLAND/ ÖSTERREICH - Bücher, die ich zur Bestimmung verwende:

Buttler: Steinbachs Naturführer Orchideen
Eschrich: Gehölze im Winter - Zweige und Knospen
Fischer, Adler, Oswald: Exkursionsflora Österreich Liechtenstein Südtirol
Fritsch: Exkursionsflora von Österreich
Godet: Bäume und Sträucher
Godet: Blüten der heimischen Baum- und Straucharten
Grau, Kremer, Möseler, Rambold, Triebel: Steinbachs Naturführer Gräser
Häupler, Muer: Bildatlas der Farn- und Blütenpflanzen Deutschlands
Kremer: Steinbachs Naturführer Strauchgehölze
Mitchell: Parey - Die Wald- und Parkbäume Europas
Oberdorfer: Pflanzensoziologische Exkursionsflora
Rothmaler: Exkursionsflora von Deutschland 2-5
Schmeil-Fitschen: Flora von Deutschland und angrenzender Länder
Grey-Wilson, Blamey: Parey - Bergblumen

Sources of information I frequently use.
(Not everything posted on those sites is certified truth. Handle with care. But you know that.) (color shade determination tool for your observation pics - very useful!)

COMMENTS I frequently do not post:

"You should have left it in the ocean."
"Science is not a matter of opinion."
"Geneticists tell us we are chimps, let's not forget that."
"That may as well be, but did you check out the latest Hubble pics?"

In the last centuries naturalists killed everything they wanted to ID without second thought.
This is typical human behaviour. But we can do better.
Thank you, iNaturalist, for proving it.

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