Braden Wojahn

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Currently in my Master's at University of South Dakota, investigating range expansion of multiple tick species. Studied insect science in undergraduate and have always been interested in insects and arthropods. For identification, I specialize in mosquitoes of the US but I am a bit rusty (and mosquitoes can be hard to identify from images).

My goal on iNaturalist is to upload as many unique species of insects as I can, with the hopes of providing new information about where species occur that don't receive as much attention, and documenting rarely seen or undescribed species if I can. I am willing to trade pinned specimens of nearly anything that I have uploaded on the site (if I have collected more than one individual of the species) and will "bounty-hunt" insects if you need preserved specimens of particular species that I can find in my area (for a small price if you are willing). Currently located in Vermillion, SD along the Missouri River, which has proved to be a very interesting and dynamic area, with an incredible abundance of insect species. Feel free to message me if you are interested in anything I have found.

New record of Cophura in South Dakota, very likely undescribed:

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