Susanne Spindler

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Since I was a child I have been fascinated with nature.
Because my scientific degree is in physics, not biology, I will probably stay an amateur for identifying wild animals.
Please don't hesitate to correct my id suggestions, I appreciate it.

My favorite activity is hunting critters with a camera, preferably under water.
After I started scuba diving most of my observations were underwater though I added my older observations on land as well.
Through iNaturalist now I take my camera on almost every walk and it's amazing to see how many critters there are even in my urban neighbourhood.

Since 2018 I am using an Olympus EPL 7 or 10 with double Retra strobes while diving. I alternate between the standard pancake lens and a wide angle and a macro wet lens on a flip adapter.

For most observations on land I use either EPL7, EPL10 (up to 400mm zoom lens if needed) or simply a mobile phone.

Older pictures are taken with various compact digital cameras, most with panasonic lumix cameras (TZ series, FT5 for under water)

Some of my sightings here are screenshots from movie scenes. All of my better footage can be found here:

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