Chris Loos

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Years ago, a colleague came across a traffic sign on one of her walks. Suddenly she heard a faint metallic clink. It came from the hollow pole to which the sign was attached.
She wondered if a bird had accidentally slipped in and couldn't come out. And so it was.

Tits are very curious and like to explore small cavities. The pipe could have been her doom. Fortunately, my colleague was able to get the bird out of the pipe and thus save his life. But if the pipe had had a cover, the tit would not have been in great danger. In autumn 2019, my husband and I also heard such a clink on a walk. It was also a great tit and we were able to free it.

I've always enjoyed watching birds and feeding them at the bird feeder. But these two experiences deeply impressed me. And they increased my interest and empathy in birds.

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