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Christena Stephens

Wildlife Biologist, Historian , and Nonprofit Advisor/Consultant

Nature Insights from 3RF

I had the best experience nature can offer for eight years through continual biological field monitoring. I witnessed nature at its finest and most desperate moments. I saw how resilient wildlife can be due to weather patterns. I have seen how birds decide to expand their territories because maybe the grass was becoming greener in a newer location compared to where they previously gathered. I witnessed through camera traps that three-legged coyotes can survive and adapt. Through sounds and a set of camera trap images, I confirmed mountain lions patrol large areas every so often like they have been noted to do. I opened the world for others to experience that chocolate exists in nature in a tiny yellow flower.

Most importantly, I observed the beauty of the rebirth of land after a prescribed fire and the fantabulous growth of native grasses after a yearlong rain event. I have seen the many antics of raccoons on the cameras that I could do a whole set of educational materials and programs on them. I discovered that hidden in massive cattails 30 feet tall, beavers found a way to thrive by building their home against a creek bed.

One of the bestest nature moments was seeing a Great Blue Heron swallow a whole bullfrog. Roadrunners are hams for a camera, as well as running in front of a Gator. Vermillion flycatchers are curious little birds. Grape soda also exists in nature. Being able to hold and document over 100 Texas horned lizards in eight years was phenomenal. This is only a small portion of what I observed.

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