Tony Gilbert

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Nature surrounds me everyday, here on the edge of the Peak District National Park in the UK, and my love of photography, the sea and diving has meant I've produced many images over the years, and contributed to a number of Seasearch and other books (Algarve nudibranchs), websites, news/magazine articles, images for IUCN, EU Commission - on Angel Sharks.
(I also enjoy walking the Peak, and landscape photography)

(Also Albums and Collections)

My photography is both closeup and wide-angle, which means a number of underwater species are photographed in their environmental habitat as well as individuals.

We are always learning and discovering new things, and recently, I've been more interested in the different symbiotic relationships of underwater marine creatures, particularly megafauna (example: Scottish sea loch fauna), and habitat changes brought about by human activity - eg Lochgarry slender sea pens in a micro-habitat), and discovering "new" relationships along the way - perhaps some are undocumented.

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