Tristan A. McKnight

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Specialist in robber fly (Diptera: Asilidae) taxonomy, systematics, and ecology.

I'm currently working as an entomology lecturer in Arizona. Got my PhD studying the robber fly genus Lasiopogon. My main expertise is in flies, but I have a range of interests including mustelid mammals, herps, fungi, and birds (a lotta birds lately...) Most of my experience has been in North America (all over the continent, but especially Michigan, New York, and Arizona), with a little central Asia (Mongolia). I am fluent in English and Russian, and can understand some Spanish.

My main interests are evolutionary biology (revisionary taxonomy and phylogenetics) and observational field ecology of robber flies. I'm fascinated by how robber flies have diversified so much thanks in part to niche partitioning of perching behavior, phenology, etc. I've also been dabbling with rearing flies, mark-recapture studies (to investigate territoriality, lifespan, nocturnal behavior, etc), wing interference patterns, insect overwintering, and various other projects. Always interested in getting specimens of robber flies, and I'm also very grateful to the amazing artists who let me use their photos in my talks.

You can read some of my publications here:

Feel free to use my photos for nonmonetary purposes, however if it's for a publication, I'd like to be involved.

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