Finlay F. K. Thorpe

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I am a naturalist, applied botanist, and palm worker from the arid southeast of Iberia. I'm especially interested in mediterranean, xeric, and halophytic ecosystems, especially those found around the Mediterranean, but with a large interest for the SW of North America aswell. I work in general agroenviromental and landscaping work, so I have a lot of expierience with handling plants, and I'm currently studying Forestry. I have a general interest in agroforestry and native landscaping.

Interests and points of study:
-Biodiversirty, biogeography and taxonomy of the genus Phoenix. With special interest in the circum-mediterranean taxa.
-The ecology and biodiversity of Pinus-Juniperus-Quercus ecoystems.
-Taxonomy, diversity and biogeography of Pinus.
-History of cultivation of Phoenix dactylifera and the development and spread of oasis agriculture.
-Biodiversity and biogeography of Chamaerops humilis.
-Old World Euphorbia biodiversity.
-Olea europaea diversity and cultivation.
-Endemic flora of the Ibero-maghreb.
-Ecology of matorral and chaparral ecosystems and their woodland equivalents.
-Crocodylians, in specific, Old World African crocs with an emphasis of Crocodylus suchus and the relation of its range to the "Green Sahara".
-Cannabis spp. biodiversity, ecology, actual and Pleistocene biogeography, and history of cultivation (especially in the Mediterranean region).
-Arabian Aloes
-Ecosystem change in the Sahara.
-Biodiversirty of lamiaceaes and their ecological roles in dry matorral ecosystems..
-Arid and semi-arid insular flora (Cabo Verde, Madagascar, Socotra, etc.).
-Amature interest in local hymenoptera, especialy Polistes spp.

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