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If only every child is fortunate enough to have the experience of hiking, camping and nature observation. My parents took our family to the outdoors as often as possible, we explored the mountains, deserts and the coasts in Western North America. My Irish Great-grandparents (born in the late 1800’s) introduced me to foraging for natures treasures, which we ate, made art and collected. My Irish Great Grandparents were big gardeners and naturalist. They had fantastic stories about fairies hiding under the mushrooms, flowers and logs. I had to look everywhere for the fairies and then collect their favorite mushrooms, and not the bad ones! This was my Great Grandparents way of showing me as a young child the safe things we could take. They were self sufficient by growing all their own food, preparing and canning. I was lucky to inherit a few of our families well read remedy and identifying books that had used and shared over the generations. Our ancestors have passed on a wealth of information over the centuries that they have learned from trial and error, we can take it a step further with scientific advancements. There is much potential for homeopathic remedies and health benefits from the wild. I am looking for medicinal plants and fungi in hopes to heal myself and stave off some inevitable health problems everyone faces in life. I try to culture and experiment from my wild finds. We are living in a exciting time with better ways to make identifications and chemicals analysis. We can try to understand some of the medicinal properties and explore the usefulness through some of the great research going on. I think my great grandparents would be envious of our technology and would be happy that someone in the family still has interest in what they just did as a way of life!
As an artist, hiking and exploring gives me endless inspiration. I hope to continue my love of creating art, foraging and hiking with my family. Everyone should try to to observe their surroundings as the outdoor world can be spectacular!

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