Meghan Cassidy

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I'm an arachnology enthusiast (when my day job doesn't get in the way), and also a nature photographer for funsies with a focus on macro!

I am a Pennsylvania native, turned Texan, now turned Minnesotan as of 2024! I'm super excited to watch the snow melt and find some cool tiny critters up in the north!

My absolute favorite critters to observe, study, and photograph are spiders, but I'm also a huge fan of herps and hymenopterans!

Please note: I am very open to folks using my photos for educational or scientific purposes - I only ask that you send me a message to tell me a bit about the material the photo(s) will be used in to ensure it will be factual/scientifically accurate, and provide appropriate credit. I've had photos used in a dozen or so publications now, and love to know where they end up!!!

She/her 🏳️‍🌈

Flickr - TheWildCarrot

Instagram - adventuresofwildcarrot

DID YOU KNOW there is a spider named Filistatinella howdyall?! Well, now you do :)

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