Will Stuart

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I am retired from IT/database work with a local bank. Over the past decade I have become an avid photographer of native plants, birds, and now pollinators. I live in Matthews, NC and my favorite day trips are to the nearby sandhills region with its unique flora and fauna. The Carolina Sandhills NWR manages 60,000 acres near McBee, SC and the NC Sandhills Game Lands span 60,000 acres near Hoffman, NC. Both of these public lands are managed with controlled burns and, as a result, no two years at any given site are exactly the same. I try to get out into the field 3 or more days per week from March through December.

I do have a degree in biology but I do not have formal training in plant or animal taxonomy.

I contribute images to NPIN (Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center) and to NameThatPlant.net as well as NC Audubon.

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