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Student at McMaster, bee hobbyist, identifying bumble bees and other bees of Eastern NA. Not formally trained in entomology. A harmless nerd, for the most part.

Feel free to tag/message me for any q's/corrections. I don't usually add explanations when ID'ing, but I'm happy to explain my reasoning and direct to other helpful resources if you reach out.

Taxa confidence/skill: Bombus >>> other Apidae, Halictidae > other Anthophila

If I left a comment under your observation along the lines of "The organism in photo X is not the same as the rest, please remove that one, thanks!", it is because iNat guidelines instruct observers to upload only one species per observation.

I recommend editing observations on desktop if you're an iPhone user, as the iPhone app never seems to save observation edits. Also, once you successfully remove the photo(s), feel free to tag me to ID the observation (I am not notified when someone edits their observation, so I can't tell when photo errors have been fixed).

Les questions/messages en français sont les bienvenus.

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