Vermont Atlas of Life Workshop on June 8th

On Thursday, June 8th join Kent McFarland at the Green Mountain Club Visitor Center on Route 100 in Waterbury, Vermont and learn about the Vermont Atlas of Life and how anyone can contribute to it. Get a demonstration of how to gather and enter basic observations from the field in Vermont eBird, eButterfly, and iNaturalist Vermont. See how simple and fun sharing what you observe around your home or on the trails can be. Downloading these apps on your phone or tablet and bringing along your device to practice is encouraged, but not required. Visit the Stowe Land Trust website for more information and to register.

Posted on 06 de junio de 2017 by kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


How did this go? Any new recruits?

Publicado por charlie hace casi 6 años (Marca)

It was okay. I tried to do too much in the time I had. It is hard when you have a mix of totally new, somewhat new, and users in one room. But I suppose if anyone is interested, I gave them plenty to get going at home.

Publicado por kpmcfarland hace casi 6 años (Marca)

yeah, i've done a couple of little inaturalist trainings and that balance is really hard.

Publicado por charlie hace casi 6 años (Marca)

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